The calibration process is required to identify positions of the instruments. You can use presets from ZYLIA Studio. All you have to do is select a preset and place the instruments in the places determined by it. Later, the application will automatically calibrate the positions of the instruments.

Calibration doesn’t affect the recording process. Positions of sound sources determined during calibration are used in the separation process.

​It is recommended to perform calibration before every new rehearsal unless you always use identical instruments locations. If you change instrument location during your rehearsal you’ll need to repeat calibration for sources that changed the position. 

Using presets is very fast. You will have quick access to Band or Surround presets. Band presets consists of Solo, Duet, Trio, Quartet, Quintet, and Sextet settings. Whereas, Surround presets consists of Stereo Narrow, Stereo Wide, Stereo Binaural, 3.0 Surround Sound, 4.0 Quadraphonic Sound and 5.0 Surround Sound settings.

You can also use Microphone Techniques presets. They consists of Figure B, Blumerian Stereo, Cardioid, Stereo XY, Mid-Side.

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