In this section, you will find basic information about one-mic music recording, ZYLIA microphone and software usage as well as various pipelines of methods for 3D audio recording.

How does it work?

How to start with ZYLIA Portable Recording Studio

ZYLIA Studio 2.0 workflow

ZYLIA Studio PRO workflow

Music recording

Instruments placement recommendation

To fully benefit from using ZYLIA Portable Recording Studio you are recommended to adjust the placement of instruments during a rehearsal. Below we present a few examples of good practice when recording with ZYLIA.

Acoustic guitar recording

In this article, we will give you an alternative way of recording and coloring your guitar tone using the ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone by taking advantage of multiple channel recording.

How to easily record classical music

Earlier this year (2019), during Easter, we recorded a string quintet concert* with 2 ZM-1 microphones. One in front of the ensemble and 1 behind it. Very simple and portable setup with powerful postproduction possibilities!

Why should we record our rehearsals?

There are very different ways of rehearsing – from a tightly organized practice of previously composed pieces to “chaotic” jam sessions. It doesn’t really matter how your rehearsal looks like – every single one of them is worth recording.

How to stream music & audio with ZYLIA to Twitch, Facebook & YouTube

How to stream music and audio to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook with ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone

All concerts and gigs are canceled, and you are sitting at home and wondering how to show your creative work to the world, and stream your concert from your apartment? Take the ZYLIA microphone, connect it to your laptop and start streaming your home concert or solo session.

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3D audio recording, 360 and VR

What is the Ambisonics format?

​​Along with already quite common 360 degree videos, there is also a growing demand for 3D audio. ​​In order to obtain a real spatial audio, an entirely different approach is needed.

Binaural recordings with ZYLIA ZM-1

The ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone has a lot of applications. One of them is the possibility to record your sound scenes and represent them in a binaural way. What does binaural actually mean?

How to prepare 360 video with spatial audio

In general VR related workflows can be complex and everyone seems to be looking for standard solutions. Here, we will show you, step by step, how to prepare a 360 video with spatial audio in, possibly, the shortest way! 

How to add binaural and Ambisonics sound to a video for YouTube 360?

​​In this post we present two videos in different formats, but edited from the same source material captured on the 20th of June 2018, at Barigui park (Curitiba, Brazil).
The audio was recorded with the ZYLIA ZM-1 3rd order Ambisonics spherical microphone array while the video was captured by a 360-degree camera (Gear 360).

Create your own spatial Ambisonics mix with ZYLIA!

​In this tutorial we are going to introduce  another approach of using ZYLIA ZM-1 to create a 3D sound recording, which gives much more flexibility in sound source manipulation. It allows us not only to adjust the position of instruments in recorded 3D space around ZYLIA mic, but also control the gain or apply any additional effects.

2nd order Ambisonics Demo VR – off-line mode tutorial

​When Facebook 360 is not enough… ​The audio and the corresponding 360 video was combined into fine 360 movie.

How to make a perfect 360 movie with a 3D sound?

​With 360 movies there is always a problem with a sound scene following your eyes. We took the challenge to solve this problem.


ZYLIA Studio PRO presets for Dolby atmos

To support our customers and their workflow we have prepared several presets of ZYLIA Studio PRO for Dolby atmos.

ZYLIA – multitrack recording comparison

The main aim of the test was to make a comparison of traditional multitrack recording techniques with recording using the ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone.

Using ZYLIA Studio PRO with ReWire​​

Integrating new tools into existing work-flows may be a difficult task, especially when those tools introduce innovative features, such as “virtual microphones” in ZYLIA Studio PRO. ​

Reaper session configuration

​In this tutorial we will explain how to configure Reaper session to work with ZYLIA Studio PRO software.

Ardour session configuration

In this article, we will show how to configure Ardour session to work with ZYLIA Studio PRO software.

How to configure ProTools to work with ZYLIA Studio PRO using ReWire

IIn this article, we will show how to configure ProTools to work with ZYLIA Studio PRO using ReWire.​