ZYLIA ZM-1 What are the differences between ZM-1 models?

During the development process of ZYLIA ZM-1, we tested various shapes and configurations of microphones. This process resulted with three models which are or were available for our customers:

  • ZYLIA ZM-1 model 1C
  • ZYLIA ZM-1 model 1D
  • ZYLIA ZM-1 model 3E

Main differences between the above models are casing and type of MEMS microphones.


Model 1C and model 1D are equipped with the aluminum case, while the model 3E casing is made from ABS. 


Comparison of MEMS microphones’ specification:

ZYLIA ZM-1 modelSensitivity
Signal to Noise ratioAcoustic overload point (dB SPL)
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