How can ZYLIA microphone and ZYLIA Studio PRO be used with Python script to track sound sources?

You can connect Zylia and the python script using Zylia Studio PRO automation.

Please check the Automation section in ZYLIA Studio PRO manual:

That is, you have to:

  1. use a DAW like Reaper or MaxMSP
  2. use ZYLIA Studio PRO on a multichannel track connected to a ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone
  3. create automation that reads the parameters from ZYLIA Studio PRO, eg. localization
  4. pass these parameters from DAW to your script.

You can check these videos for inspiration:

Zylia Source Localisation

Zylia Beamforming – acoustic zoom

We will also release (as of 25th of Feb, 2023) a new version of ZYLIA Studio PRO that supports OSC protocol ( for more straightforward parameters data reading.

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