How to connect Zylia ZM-1 to Dante network.

On the link below, you will learn how you can connect Zylia ZM-1 to the Dante network. Dante, which stands for Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet, is developed and supported by Audinate.

The original 3-meter cord with a 10-meter active extension of the ZM-1 gives you a reasonable range, but when you need to move further away from the control room, you may need more. Also, analog signal quality drops with long distances and gets increasingly worse if distributed to numerous places. So, if you’re recording drum tracks in your garage and do the mixing in your control room in the basement, it could be a huge headache.

This is how Dante comes to work. Instead of lengthy cables, Dante network moves digital audio over hundreds of feet and there will be no degradation in audio quality either because the data is digital. To know more how you can connect Zylia ZM-1 to a Dante network, please click on the link below.

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