How to re-add a Take into a session in ZYLIA Studio?

This solution applies to all users who would like to import a WV multichannel file after deleting a session from ZYLIA Studio. By adding the WV file you will again be able to mix and export the mixed tracks, however you won’t be able to export the Stereo Preview. This article only applies to surround and mic techniques presets.

  1. In ZYLIA Studio start a new session with the same configuration as the 19-channel track you would like to import.

2. Record a few seconds, stop the recording and close ZYLIA Studio.

3. Open ZYLIA Studio directory.

 In Windows the default folder is: C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Zylia\ZYLIA Studio\sessions

In Mac: /Users/user_name/Library/Application Support/Zylia/ZYLIA Studio/sessions

The Library folder is hidden, so you can use Command + Shift + . to reveal this folder.

4. Delete the latest .wv recording. It should be for example “37.wv”.

5. Rename the file you want to import to this number and copy it to the folder mentioned previously.

Afterwards open ZYLIA Studio and on your last recording you are able to separate the track once again, mix and export.

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