Sending audio from ZYLIA Studio Pro in Reaper to Logic Pro

Logic possesses a multichannel limitation of 8 channels therefore it doesn’t directly support the 19 channels from the ZM-1. ZYLIA Studio PRO and ZYLIA Ambisonics plugins will not be appearing in the plugin manager for this reason.

One possible workaround is to use Reaper as a “slave” to LogicPro for sending the mono signal from the virtual microphones created in ZYLIA Studio Pro plugin.
While this might not be the ideal workflow for Logic Pro, it avoids the process of having to manually export each virtual microphone track from Reaper and import it in Logic.

1.In Reaper set the output device to Blackhole virtual audio device (
2. Create a track with the 19 channel audio from the ZM-1 and add ZYLIA Studio Pro plugin with a virtual microphone per track. Check the following link for routing the signal from the 19 channel to a new track.
3. Each virtual microphone track needs to be assigned to the hardware output channel (blackhole output)

4. The master track in Reaper should also be set for 16 channels.

In logic:
5. Set the input device to Blackhole 16 channels and the Output device to your monitoring system.

6. Create a new track with the corresponding input from each of the virtual microphones via Blackhole.
7. Arm the receiving tracks, press record and Play via Reaper.

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