Sound files export

This article presents export options in ZYLIA Studio.

Exporting from session view

  1. Open your session.
  2. Hover your mouse over recording you want to export, you’ll see two options:
    • RAW – it is a 19 – channel WAV/WavPack recording
    • Stereo – it is a stereo preview WAV recording
  3. Choose a folder and save your file.
Export step 1

Exporting from the mixer view

  1. Click on a session and then click on the separation button of the recording you are willing to export
  2. In mixing view click on the Export button, select types of files you want to export:
    • Master track – it’s stereo WAV file of mixed sources
    • Instrument tracks – mono WAV files of separated sources
    • WAV/WavPack recording – it is a raw 19-channel file
    • Stereo recording – it is a stereo preview WAV recording
    • Calibration settings – you can export your calibration and import it to other sessions or to ZYLIA Studio PRO plugin
  3. Choose a folder and save the file
Export step 2
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