ZR-1 Firmware Update Procedure

The ZR-1 firmware can be updated using a specially prepared files provided by ZYLIA. To execute the firmware update, users must download the provided update files to a USB 2.0 flash drive. Always ensure to use only USB 2.0 flash drives for the firmware update, as other versions might not be compatible and can result in update failure.

The step-by-step process is detailed below:

1. Download the Firmware: Download the file from the link provided by ZYLIA here.

2. USB Flash Drive Preparation: Make sure to use a USB 2.0 flash drive formatted with a FAT32 file system and with at least 4GB of free space.

3. Power Supply: It’s recommended that during the update procedure, the ZR-1 should be connected to the external power adapter supplying 5V at 2.5A. Ensure the device is turned off before beginning the update.

4. Preparation of ZR-1: Carefully remove the SD Card from its slot. Connect the prepared USB 2.0 flash drive to the ZR-1 USB socket.

5. Initiate Update: Turn on the ZR-1, while simultaneously pressing and holding the PLAY and REC buttons. After about 5 seconds, release the buttons and wait. The REC, SD CARD, and GAIN LEDs will light up. Once these three LEDs switch off, the ON/OFF LED will change to purple. This color shift signals that the firmware update process has begun.

6. Update Duration: The update process typically takes approximately 5 minutes. Upon completion, the ZR-1 will automatically shut down.

7. Restart and Usage: Turn on your ZR-1 recorder. The device will restart, finalize configurations, and then it will be set for use.

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