Zylia Studio / Zylia Ambisonics Converter crash on startup on macOS

If you encounter a crash issue when launching Zylia Studio or Zylia Ambisonics Converter when using macOS, adjusting your network settings may provide a solution. Here’s a straightforward fix:

  1. Go to your System Preferences on your computer.
  2. Click on ‘Network’ and select the network you are currently using.
  3. Click on ‘Advanced’ and navigate to the ‘Proxies’ tab.
  4. In the Proxies tab, find the ‘Auto Proxy’ option and disable it.
  5. After making this adjustment, try running Zylia Studio or Zylia Ambisonics Converter again.

This fix addresses potential network-related conflicts that might cause the software to crash on launch.

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