ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone placement

In this article, we will describe how to choose the best placement for ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone for a recording session.

Separated sources

If you want to separate sound sources then all sound sources (acoustic instruments, vocalists) must be located around the microphone keeping an approximately equal angle from each other and equal distance from the microphone.

Instrument placement

Sometimes it is good to check several different placements when recording with loud instruments and choose the best one. It is also advisable to locate sound sources in the optimal range of elevation.

Instrument placement

One sound source = one loudspeaker

If, in the end, you want to obtain separated files you are recommended to use one loudspeaker per one sound source/instrument/vocal. Do not use one loudspeaker per multiple sound sources

Instrument placement

Recording with a drum set

Instruments like drums can be located at a greater distance from the microphone. To avoid signal distortion from microphone, it is recommended to put ZYLIA ZM-1 2-4 m from the drum kit. Appropriate distance can be tested by the user in test recordings. Sometimes it is good to check a few different placements when recording with loud instruments and choose the best one. Signal distortion from the microphone can be monitored on the peak-meter in ZYLIA Studio.

Recording of the single performer

If you want to record a single performer who is playing on the instrument and singing at the same time, you should take it into account during the calibration stage. In such a case, you should calibrate two sources: separately instrument and voice. Make sure that your sources differ in elevation. We recommend to place the single performer closer to the microphone (<0.5 m), thanks to that the elevation difference between sound sources will be more significant.


When recording a choir, just place ZYLIA ZM-1 in front of it in a “sweet spot”. You will get a perfect ambient recording. Additionally, you will be able to separate sections of the choir.


Live recording

To catch the atmosphere of a live concert, place ZYLIA ZM-1 in front of the stage. You can also use 360 camera together with the ZM-1.

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