ZYLIA ZR-1 Portable Recorder Firmware Update instructions

How to upgrade firmware for the ZYLIA ZR-1 Portable Recorder

The ZR-1 firmware can be updated with specially prepared files provided by ZYLIA.
In order to perform the update, the user is required to upload the provided update files to a pendrive.
It is recommended to use a pendrive with 4GB or above.

After uploading the firmware file provided by ZYLIA to the pendrive, connect it to the USB socket of the ZR-1 with the device turned OFF and without SD card inserted.

The next step is to launch the device while holding the Play and REC button simultaneously until the RC, SD CARD and GAIN LED indicators light up. The user can then release the buttons and the update process will begin.

It is recommended for the ZR-1 to be connected to an external power supply when the device is updating.

When the firmware update is finished the ZR-1 should power OFF.

The ZYLIA ZR-1 Portable Recorder Reference Manual is located at:


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