What are 360 video software players which support Higher Order Ambisonics HOA?

This article focus on how to playback Higher Order Ambisonics and show it to your customers.
In terms of 360 video player that supports HOA, then you have multiple alternatives:

  1. Facebook 360 – it supports 2nd order ambisonics on desktop. It is probably the easiest way to share a 360 video with HOA with other users. You can also take a look at our tutorial on preparing that content.
    1. Streaming ambisonics audio from Zylia microphone together with 360 camera for Facebook is described here: https://www.zylia.co/blog/streaming-ambisonics-audio-from-zylia-microphone-together-with-360-camera-for-facebook
    2. How to prepare a 360 video with Spatial Audio: How to prepare a 360 video with Spatial Audio
  2. Hoast360 player, https://hoast.iem.at/ It supports 360 videos with up to 4th order of HOA. You can use their platform or set up a player on your website – it is open source, where Zylia is one of the contributors: https://www.zylia.co/ambisonics-player.html.
  3. GoPro player + Reaper, https://www.zylia.co/blog/2nd-order-ambisonics-demo-vr-offline-mode-tutorialThis is one of the few options to playback HOA directly from your desktop computer. However, you can go to any HOA order as well as you can use VR goggles. I am not sure if the GoPro player is still available. However, you can try to find another 360 video player that supports the OSC protocol.
  4. HTC Vive Cinema, VR goggles only. https://www.viveport.com/apps/ed3adb70-9390-4ca3-863a-26b5fd08b8d7
  5. Oculus TV, you can publish 360 videos with up to 2nd ambisonics order. How to create content? https://creator.oculus.com/learn/spatial-audio/

If you want to do a live stream then do not forget about ZYLIA Streaming Application – stream ambisonics audio directly from ZYLIA ZM-1 to 360 platforms: https://www.zylia.co/zylia-streaming-application.html

Please also take a look at our tutorials for more inspiration: https://support.zylia.co/tutorials/

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