ZYLIA Studio – quick setup guide

Step 1.


Download and install ZYLIA Studio software and ZM-1 microphone driver for
your operating system (macOS, Windows or Linux). You will find them here.

Driver installation on macOS

Step 2.

Place the ZM-1 microphone in the middle of your music scene

You can read more about ZYLIA ZM-1 placement here.

Microphone placement

Step 3.

Plug the ZM-1 microphone into your computer using the USB cable

Plug microphone into computer

Step 4.

Run ZYLIA Studio application


Step 5.

Activate ZYLIA Studio

Enter the Product Key and click Activate. 

Activation screen

Step 6.

Start a new session

Start a new session

Step 7.

Calibrate your instrument’s position

Simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Calibration screen

Step 8.

Record your session

Your recordings will appear in the right panel. You can listen to a stereo recording by clicking
the Play icon. You can also export the stereo preview or the original WAVE file.

Play button

Step 9.

Run the track separation process

Track separation button

Step 10.

Mix your recording

In the Mixer Panel, you have access to the automixed recording. You can also increase volume, mute or perform panning of individual sound sources.

Mixing button
Mixing panel

Step 11.

Export your recording

Use the Export button to download tracks of individual sound sources and your
final mix in WAVE format.

Export your recording

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